VAN January / February 2015

JF15 cover
Cover Image. Nom Nom Collective, Ropey Smurf , paint and ink on repurposed album cover.

5. Roundup. Recent exhibitions and projects of note.
5. Column. Jonathan Carroll. Fag Ends.
6. Column. Linda O’Keefe. Socio-sonic Textures.
7. Column. Mark Fisher. A Time for Shadows.
8. News. The latest developments in the visual arts sector.
8. VAI News. Research, projects and campaigns.
9. Regional Focus. Visual arts resources and activity in Wicklow.
12. VAI Event. Belfast Open Studios. A profile on the Belfast Open Studios event.
14. MAC International. Archives & Time Machines. Hugh Mulholland interviews Mairead McClean, winner of the inaugural MAC International Award.

16. VAI / DCC Critical Art Writing Award. Attentive Festivalisation. Rebecca O’Dwyer, winner of the 2014 VAI / DCC Critical Art Writing Award discusses festivalisation.
18. Art in Public. Art is Always Unfinished Business. Jonathan Carroll reports on the ‘Creative Time Summit’ and ‘Jochen Gertz: Participation, Commemoration & Public Space’.
19. Critique. Damir Ocko, TBG+S; Art & Activism, Fire Station Artists’ Studios; Debra Bowden, Toradh Gallery; Sinead McDonald, Draiocht; Nom Nom Collective, White Lady Gallery.
23. How is it Made? Blind Spots & Future Memories. Barry Kehoe talks about exhibiting the work of Nina Fisher and Maroan el Sani.
24. Project Profile. Duncan Campbell. IMMA Director Sarah Glennie talks to Turner Prize winner Duncan Campbell.
26. Residency Profile. Still Life in Mobile Homes. Sarah Allen profiles two residencies supported by Fingal Council, and the exhibitions / events that emerged from them.
27. VAI West Of Ireland Representative. Lateral Approaches. Aideen Barry looks at new supports for artist-led spaces outside normal funding
28. Festival Profile. Artistic Foundations. Brendan Fox profiles Foundation14 in Tullamore.
29. Commission Profile. Transcending Borders. Lily Power talks to Jaki Irvine and Alistair Hicks about Deutsche Bank Ireland’s new aquisition and art collections policy.
30.VAI Professional Development. Towards a New Hybridity. Bea de Sousa discusses her visit to Ireland.
31. Career Development. Complex, Incomplete & Thriving. Claire Power looks at the contemporary art scene in her new home of Brussels.
32. IVARO. Taking the License. Alex Davis emphasises the importance of artist copyright.
32. VAI NI Manager. ACNI Cuts. Rob Hilken discusses cuts to the arts in Northern Ireland.
33. Organisation Profile. A Mission to Progress. Sara Hanley profiles the DLR Artists’ Network.
34. Public Art Roundup. Public art commissions, site-specific works, socially engaged practice and various other forms of art outside the
35. Opportunities. All the latest grants, awards, exhibition calls and commissions.
36. VAI Professional Development. Current and upcoming workshops, peer reviews and seminars.

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