VAN: July / August 2010

BGL, Meatballs/ Tribute to the Group of Seven, 2009.Work shown at Dorm, Model, Sligo

The Visual Artists News Sheet

3. Roundup. Recent exhibitions and projects of note.
3. Column. Mark Fisher. Mapping the Complexity of the Everyday .
4. Column. Eamon Maxwell. Art in Public.
5. Column. Jonathan Carroll. Curatorial Housekeeping.
6. Column. Chris Fite-Wassilak. Possibly Maybe.
7. News. The latest developments in the arts sector.
11. Regional Profile. Visual Arts Resources & Activity in Cavan.
12. How is it Made? Questioning & Change Clifton Rooney discusses his experience of projects in educational & community contexts.
13. Conference Report. What is it? Kevin O’Dwyer  on the 22nd International Sculpture Conference.
14.Conference Report. Defining Content. A report on Homeworks 5 –Beirut, Lebanon (21 April – 1 May)

16. Polemic. Signs of Change. Adam Stoneman considers Why Ireland needs graffiti art with a message.
(Archived in our Articles Section)
17. How is it Made? Architecture of Migration. Paula Naughton discusses her research and practice.
18. Career Development. Soften Up. Neva Elliott & Lynn Harris discuss ‘Sligo Local’
19. Institution Profile. Inviting Audiences. Jason Oakley talks to Séamus Kealy, Director / Curator of The Model about the redevelopment of  the institution’s premises.
(Archived in our Articles Section)
23. Opportunities. All the latest grants, awards, exhibition calls and commissions.
27. Project Profile. Critiquing the Quick Fix. Stephanie Hough profiles ‘The EYE-KEA Project’.
28. Problems. The Problem Page. Our concierge / curator of agony responds to artworld dilemmas
28. Laughism. Laughism. Cartoons by Borislav Byrne.
29. Conference Report. Touring for One & Many. Edel Horan reports on ‘Touring Exhibitions – Who Benefits?’ a round table discussion held at VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow on 28 April
(Archived in our Articles Section)
30. Project Profile. The Pace of Gallery Education. The Partnership for the Arts & Creative Engagement.
31. Art in the Public Realm: Roundup. Recent public art commissions, site-specific works, socially  engaged practice  and other forms of art outside the gallery.
32. Conference Report. Get Up & Go. Chris Clarke  ON ‘Getting On With Art:  Conversations on Practicalities Through Practice’, (6 March), CIT Cork School of Music
32. Regional Contacts. Nights in May. A Belfast Roundup …

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