VAN: November / December 2010

A volunteer standing on Populloss 3, A work by Alan Mongey in collaboration with Depaul service users

The Visual Artists News Sheet


5. Roundup. Recent exhibitions and projects of note.
5. Column. Mark Fisher. Speculative Realism.
5. Column. Andrew Dodds. Knowing when to stop.
5. Column. Jonathan Carroll. Being Stalked by Francis McKee.
5. Column. Chris Fite-Wassilak.The Balance of History.
9. News. The latest developments in the arts sector.
11. Regional Profile. Visual arts resources and activity in Derry.
14. Profile. No Picnic. Seán O Sullivan profiles ‘Life’s No Picnic on the
Streets’, a collaborative art project organised by volunteers from Depaul
Ireland, hosted at The Electric Picnic, Co. Laois.
15. Profile. Debunking Elitism. Stephen Doyle discusses his project ‘The
Great Belfast Art Hunt’
. (Archived in our Articles Section)
16. Art in Public. Sites of Becoming. Bryonie Reid discusses ‘Fields of Vision’, a project initiated by the Leitrim Sculpture Centre in 2008, from her perspective as a cultural geographer. (Archived in our Articles Section)
17. How is it made? Origami, Hedgehogs & Kangaroos. Alex Pentek discusses the relationship between his large-scale permanent commissions and more temporary site-specific work.
18. Profile. An Evolving Showcase. Joan Healy reports on ‘An Instructional’ a touring exhibition project initiated by the artist-led organisation MART.
19. Profile. The Discaplined Sharing of Knowledge. Emilio Largo profiles The Rossnaree School of Art.
21. Residency. Immersion in Space. Ella Burke, recipient of the IADT / IMOCA Graduate award discusses her year long residency at The Irish Museum of Contemporary Art. (Archived in our Articles Section)
23. Opportunities. All the lastest grants, awards, exhibition calls and commissions.
27. How is it made? Collaborations in Music. Artist / Curator Mark Garry discusses two if his recent  projects involving visual arts collaborations and music.
28. Problems. The Problem Page. Our consierge / curator of agony responds to artworld dilemas.
28.Laughism. Laughism. Cartoons by Borislav Byrne.
29. Residency. Jacks-of-all-Trades and other Talents. Finnish curator Laura Köönikkä discusses her residency at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios.
31. Art in the Public Realm: Roundup. Recent public art commissions, site-specific works, socially engaged practice  and other forms of art outside the gallery.
32. Regional Perspectives. The VAI regional contacts report from the field.
33. Profile. Flourishing Alternatives. Curator Ciara Hickey profiles ‘Arrivals’ an exhibition of work by emerging artists, recently shown at the Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast.

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