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Visual Artists Ireland eBulletin – All Ireland (Two eBulletins Weekly)

  • VAI eBulletin: Jobs & Ops provides news and information on a wide range of job vacancies (both paid and unpaid); competitions; commissions; and a wide range of other money making opportunities both local and international.
  • VAI eBulletin: Exhibitions & Events provides news and listings of exhibitions, events, festivals, private views taking place across Ireland and international and on-line exhibitions which feature Irish artists.

Visual Artists Ireland eBulletin – Northern Ireland Specific (One eBulletin Weekly)

  • VAI eBulletin: Northern Ireland provides news, exhibitions, events, jobs and opportunities for visual artists in Northern Ireland and Britain.

Visual Artists Ireland eBulletin – Press & Media Only (One eBulletin Weekly)

  • VAI eBulletin for Media Professionals offers a synthesis for news from the Visual Arts sector.  Please only subscribe to this if you are a media professional.

Visual Artists Ireland eBulletin – Publications Distributors Only

  • Updates on Visual Artists Ireland publications as they become available for distribution.

Belfast Arts Organisations – Special Projects

  • For Belfast Arts Organisations currently involved in Belfast City Council sectoral strengthening projects.